Did you know?

Only 30% of women work in the highest paid jobs.

Only 20% of women are in management positions in companies.

GDP per capita is € 6,496 for women and € 8,571 for men.

Women will spend at least 8 years of their lives in household chores.

Citizens believe that women are more often discriminated against in the labor market.

Women contribute to the GDP of Montenegro with about 2.038 billion euros or 44% of GDP (2018).

Women make up 44% of the working population.

If we continue at this pace, it will take us 257 years to close the economic gap.

In the first three months of the pandemic, women earned € 122.3 million in cash equivalent of the value of unpaid care and domestic work.

More than half of the citizens think that it is best for a woman to dedicate herself to her family and a man to earn money.

For a gender pay gap of 16%, women could buy an apartment of at least 31,000 euros.

Montenegro does not have accurate statistics on women's entrepreneurship.

Rural women will work in unpaid jobs up to 15 years.

Institutions generally do not keep gender-disaggregated statistics, and do not integrate gender aspects into policies, although they are legally obliged.