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The first woman driver in the Balkans was Ksenija Petrovic Njegos (1881-1960), the Montenegrin princess.She drove a Fiat 1100, a gift from her sister Jelena.

The first woman painter in Montenegro was Ksenija Vujović Tosic. Born in Trieste in 1930, she worked as a painter and decorator in Lovcen Film, but also as a teacher in Ljubljana and Podgorica.

Ivana Canovic is the first opera singer to have performed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She studied at the Royal Academy in London.

Lieutenant-colonel Kristina Bacic is the first and only woman pilot in the Montenegrin Airforce for now. She finished a military academy in Greece.

Jelena Cetkovic (1916 – 1943) took part in the Liberation War and is a Yugoslavia's national hero.

Tamara Djurdjevac is the first and only woman to work in the Police Counter-Terrorism Unit. She was born in Niksic and was the national judo champion.

Tamara Pavićevic is the first woman superintendent in the Montenegrin police – Division for Prevention and Police Work.

The first graduate harpist in Montenegro is Milica Kankaras. At the age of 17, she enrolled in the Harp Department of Belgrade Faculty of Music Art.

Draginja Vusovic was one of the first woman political activists. Born in 1917 in Brsno, she took part in the National Liberation War and was decorated with the Partisan Commemorative Medal in 1941.

Jelisaveta M. Popovic is the first woman composer in the territory of Montenegro.

Teacher Jelena Vickovic founded the first private all-girls school in Cetinje in 1871.

The first woman fighter pilot was Sabiha Gökçen. She was born in 1913, originally from Lozna, outside Bijelo Polje. UN Air Forces included her as the only woman among the twenty best pilots in aviation history.

The first woman pilot in Montenegro was Olga Soskic Milovic. She was born in 1935, originally from Berane. Her first take off was in a glider, from Berane Aero Club in 1950’s.

The first woman doctor in Montenegro was Divna Vekovic. She was born in Luzac, outside Berane in 1886. She studied Medicine at Sorbonne University, and was the first to translate the Mountain Wreath into French in 1916.

The first woman architect in Montenegro was Svetlana Kana Radevic. Born in 1937, she graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, and earned her master's degree from Pennsylvania University.

The first woman novelist in Montenegro was Milka Bajic Poderegin. She was born in Pljevlja in 1904, and graduated from Belgrade Faculty of Arts, World and National Literatures, in 1928.

From 1921 until today, the number of women in Montenegro has always been higher than the number of men.

Ksenija Cicvaric (1929 - 1997) was a singer of Montenegrin folk songs. Her singing career took off in 1960s when she applied for an open competition to work as a singer for Radio Titograd.


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